The Royal Wedding is finally here! Today is the day Prince Harry and Megan Markle finally tie the knot! I do love a good wedding and love story and it’s often at times like this that many people begin to reflect on their own love lives and their desire to be in a beautiful and committed relationship with a beloved partner. If this is what we truly want, then we need to pull up our sleeves and get to work! And a great place to begin is with our intention. In my role as a Life, Love and Relationship Coach, I do a lot of work with people about living with intention. When I get to work with single people who are ready to bring happy, healthy and beautiful love into their lives, this is where we start as intentions are the bedrock and foundation of creating a truly extraordinary life. And so that is what I want to share with you here today: how to use the power of intention to call love into your life. Firstly, let’s take a look at the definition of intention, according to the Oxford Dictionary, it is “a thing intended; an aim or plan” and I love how in the Alevi tradition, intention means “to make a promise to God”. I truly believe that an intention created out of true love and purpose really can be a promise to the highest and most sacred part of ourselves. Setting an intention means to create out of a deeply held belief in the possibility of something happening. So in the case of what we’re discussing here today, this intention will be based deeply in the belief that you know with all of your heart that you will co-create a beautiful, loving relationship in your life. So how can you kick this process in to action? Well it all starts with here…

What is the intention you’d love to set? 

Begin by becoming really clear on the intention you’d most like to set. You want to feel that every time you connect with it i.e. read it, say it out loud, share it with a friend, etc. you feel yourself being pulled forward into a future that you not only desire but that you have the power to co-create. If you’re unsure as to what this could be, here are some examples:

  • My intention is to clear all the obstacles in my life to call in a truly beautiful and loving relationship
  • My intention is to meet my beloved life partner by December 2018!
  • My intention is begin dating only available people from now on so I can meet and co-create an extraordinary love with my beloved partner

Connect with it

Once you feel you have an intention, really allow yourself time to connect with it. Read it aloud and see how it makes you feel. Does it excite you? Does it make you want to jump to action? Does it scare you? And if it does, that’s often not a bad thing. Remember, some of the greatest successes in our lives have come through stepping out of our comfort zone and this intention could do exactly that for you. And finally, does it need an upgrade? That is, if you’re having quite a muted reaction to your intention, you may need to jazz it up a bit more so that, as I mentioned earlier, it quite literally pulls you forward into the future you’re ready to co-create. A really powerful practice is to spend time with your intention by visioning it. Visioning is different to visualisation because visioning is a process of engaging all of the senses where as visualisation can be thought of as a mental picture. When you’re visioning you can choose to see, hear, smell, taste and touch what it feels like to have realised and be living this intention. You truly have the opportunity to bring it life! And when you do this, your mind both conscious and subconscious, begins to believe it’s real. In that moment you have just made it your reality.

Share it

Now this is hugely important, our ability to communicate our intention outside of ourselves is a essential part of this process. Firstly it shows you and the world around you your willingness to make this intention a reality. Secondly, it allows you to call in your tribe of cheerleaders and vision keepers who will not only hold this intention in their hearts with you but also be the ones that will help you place yourself in the line of possibility and opportunity that will increase the probability of you crossing paths with your lover soon! I love that when Harry and Megan were asked how they met, it was as a result of a mutual friend setting them up on a blind date. I’m sure that without their friend knowing that not only were they both single but also that they were willing and ready for a relationship, this meeting may never have happened!

Take action

You’ve communicated it to yourself and out to the world, now it’s time to take action! You want your intention to act as your ‘North Star’, allow it to guide you as you move through life to make empowered choices that align with enabling this intention to happen. What I love about setting intentions is that it makes decision make some much simpler. It’s binary, you’re either acting in accordance with that which will allow this miracle to happen through you or you’re acting in a way that blocks it’s ability to come into your life. This requires us to move through life with a huge amount of integrity in our words and actions.

Release outcome

A big part of this process is not to become overly attached to the outcome. That may sound counterintuitive but trust me, it’s not. Here is our opportunity to practice not only the art of surrender but to tap into that universal intelligence that keeps the Earth spinning on it’s axis, buds blossoming into flowers and turning embryos into babies. Trust that this universal intelligence has heard your request and felt your deepest desires and is on the case to make it so. When we remain overly fixated on when and how an outcome will be achieved, we reduce the possibilities for serendipity and something beyond our wildest dreams coming into our lives.

When we’re looking for our present to be delivered in a specific package, we can often miss a far superior gift that has been placed just by it’s side. If you’ve done all of the above then trust me, the universe has it handled, all you need to do now is just keep showing up for the opportunities it sends your way! This is a truly exciting and powerful process that can quite literally transform all areas of your life. And so with that, I’d love to hear if you’re ready to set an intention to call in beautiful love and romance into your life in the comments below. Remember that even sharing it here shows your commitment to the process and allows us all to become your tribe of vision keepers and cheerleaders on your journey towards truly extraordinary love! If you are interested in continuing the momentum of this wonderful practice, I will be running a ‘Transform Your Love Life from the Inside Out’ 2-hour workshop on 3rd July in Kings Cross, London. Register your spot on the workshop here today. Wishing you so much Love, Light and Miracles xxx