In our travels we all come across an extra special place be that a city, restaurant or attraction; the kind of place I deem worthy of a “Travel Nod” or noble tipping of my tiara if you will. This month’s featured place is: The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway in Boston, Massachusetts.

This past month, my Travel Log was focused on finding Zen-like places in the Urban jungle where you can enjoy a few moments of Springtime Bliss. In that vein, this Travel Nod highlights a creative string of small parks whose inception came from the most unlikely reason and span thru an area, who decades ago, no one would have ever dreamed possible.

Anyone familiar with Boston can tell you what a monster project the “BIG DIG” was!

One of the greatest, albeit lengthiest and costliest civil engineering projects of the modern age; it took roughly twenty years from planning to completion for the dismantling of old raised highway and clogged central artery in order to expand, reroute, and construct new roads, a state of the art bridge and additional tunnel replacing the old complicated behemoth of winding metal and concrete.

Imagine now the newly open space created by that project, in an area that had been deprived of so much natural light and blossoming colors. It was an ingenious idea to infuse and repurpose the expansive land left in the wake of removed roadway columns and supports and turn it into lovely gardens dotted with fountains, memorials, a carousel and great views of the city, just to name a few of the Greenway’s features.

What is described as a series of linear parks thru a little over a mile and half of Boston was born, giving new life and extra vitality to the surrounding neighborhoods from Chinatown to the North End. And who better to name this after than one of the most beloved matriarchs and civil servants of the city, Mrs. Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Although true that we have no Monarchy in the United States, if there is one family considered to be American Royalty (besides the newly proclaimed Duchess Meghan) it is the celebrated, sometimes controversial, Kennedy family whose roots are steeped in Boston history.

Rose Fitzgerald-Kennedy was undeniably Queen of her clan and near patron saint to many for her life-long support and contribution, particularly to the community that she fiercely loved, was born and raised in.

It is most deserving that these beautiful green spaces have been designated as a lasting tribute to her and a little Camelot of sorts, within the concrete city limits, for all who visit. To that, I tip my tiara and offer a Rose and noble Nod in its honor.

Not only is it genius in terms of the environment, but it’s a Godsend for many of us city dwellers that long to find a little piece of green heaven in the middle of our everyday concrete world.