The Year of the Dog has brought us a new group of energies for 2018.  I am frequently asked ‘what colour is lucky for me to wear this year?

The most auspicious colour of all in 2018 for clothing, shoes, handbags, purses, ties and scarves is red.  Red is a fire colour and is perfect for the Year of the Earth Dog because in the five elements cycle, fire produces earth. 

Last year the auspicious colours were blue and black but as this year is the year of the Earth Dog, the best colours to wear are earth colours or colours that enhance the earth element.  Here are some examples of auspicious earth colours to wear.  You should choose these colours when attending a job interview or an important meeting.  You can wear clothes in these colours or choose accessories.

Auspicious Earth Colours

You can also wear fire colours, as fire enhances the earth element.  Here are some examples of great fire colours to wear or accessorise with.  

auspicious fire colours

There are also some inauspicious colours to wear less of this year; these are water and wood colours which are not harmonious with the earth element.  You can wear these colours this year but avoid wearing them for important meetings or interviews, choose to wear some of the more auspicious colours shown above, especially red.  There are lots of different shades of red to choose from, but the best shade is crimson red. 

Inauspicious Water/Wood Colours


We all have personal auspicious colours depending on what kua number we are.  To find out your kua number, visit my website and use the free kua calculator.  I’m a kua #1 but in 2018 I will prioritise wearing earth and fire colours rather than my own personal auspicious colours.  

Kua #1: Black, Blue
Kua #2: Yellow, Beige, Taupe
Kua #3: Brown, Dark Green
Kua #4: Light Green
Kua #5: Yellow, Beige
Kua #6: White, Silver
Kua #7: White
Kua #8: Yellow, Beige
Kua #9: Red, Orange

I wish you all a prosperous and auspicious 2018.