In our travels we all come across an extra special place be that a city, restaurant or attraction; the kind of place I deem worthy of a “Travel Nod” or noble tipping of my tiara if you will. This month’s featured place is: The Café in the Crypt at St.Martin- In- the- Fields  London, England.

Right amongst the hustle and bustle of Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery is a beautiful landmark church, St. Martin-in-the-Fields. An encased elevator at street level takes you down to one of the most fascinating dining experiences: the Café in the Crypt. Yes, it sounds creepy- but it is anything but! Imagine a re-purposed Church’s Crypt area, done respectably of course, to maintain the integrity and solemnity of its original use, now filled with diners enjoying a historic atmosphere, delicious food all the while helping the charitable mission of the venue. The food is buffet/cafeteria style with a large selection of home-cooked comfort foods, lucious deserts along with lighter and/or vegetarian options. I was in such awe I would forget to sip my latte or take bites of my decadent chocolate cake. My friend enjoyed one of the various vegan options, a savory hearty soup and had her fill of her favorite item there, the Apple Crumble, which she says she dreams about in between visits!


But the most delectable and rewarding part of the experience was knowing that the profits from the café help the disenfranchised and homeless people of the London community who are also welcome to enjoy these great meals. Talk about having a RICH experience during a meal break within such an extraordinary setting and being able to “give something back”! I’m a huge fan of that! And did I mention they occasionally feature Jazz concerts as well mi gente?! Imagine that experience! So I hope whenever you visit the London area, whether you’re a visitor or local, regardless what Faith if any, you practice, you spend a snack, dinner break or Afternoon Tea at The Café in the Crypt and hopefully you will agree it deserves a Noble Nod!