Polychrome Jasper is a beautiful grounding stone with many other metaphysical uses, Polychrome Jasper is a relatively “new” stone, only discovered by geologists by mistake in 2006. Found in Madagascar, it carries a wonderful energy that so many will benefit from.

Also known as Royal Savannah Jasper or Desert Jasper, the more common name Polychrome Jasper fits perfectly. A simple search of the word “polychrome” will land you with the result “painted or printed in many colours”, a simple description that fits so well. Each piece is, in itself, a masterpiece; varied hues and tones of reds and golden yellows make this specimen a joy to behold.


Polychrome Jasper is a vibrant bringer of vitality and exuberance. Coming from the Jasper family, a type of chalcedony, it has a gentle but underestimated vibration. Carrying fiery colours, this stone will ignite your true passions. It will spark passionate emotions, supporting the birth of ideas, concepts and the power of physical energy. Its fire element will embrace the energies of heat, action, emotion and sexuality. At the same time, it can also enhance your ability to relax and be gentle in your own personal energy, bringing tranquillity and healing.

Using this stone, you can balance and stabilise your energy and auric field, particularly during astral travel. As a grounding stone, it will anchor your root chakra to help with contentment, compassion, consolation and for courage in conflict.


Polychrome Jasper will assist with easing the effects if stress on the body and mind; as a grounding stone, it will draw energies down the spine and into the lower body to help ease the mind.

It will help remove and release toxins from the physical body, making it a perfect addition to any stone prescription for hay-fever and allergies.

It is also reputed for gallbladder problems, stomach, liver and kidney issues – rest a piece on the affected area to relieve physical symptoms.

It can support in the treatment for problems in the bowel, bringing relief for gastroenteritis, chronic constipation IBS, Crohn’s disease, and Celiac disease. It can also help with exhaustion and fatigue and loss of libido.


Polychrome Jasper will help revive relationships and bring a spark back to a tired mind. It will help in any situation of turmoil, helping balance and centre energies so you will be able to remain present and help stabilise your emotional body in situations that would usually leave you feeling unsteady. In a relationship, it will help strengthen your connection with your significant other.


While normally a gentle energy, Polychrome Jasper packs quite the punch. While grounding and stabilising energies, it also revitalises and brings vibrancy. For me, it’s a lovely piece to keep in your auric field or in the work/home setting. It will subtly help you maintain balance whilst at the same time, keeping you upbeat. It’s a beautiful addition to any stone collection, and looks lovely, too!

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