Hello, i’m Holly and welcome to my monthly instalment of “Crystal of The Month”. This month, I will be focusing on a popular but increasingly difficult to find gemstone, commonly known as either Spirit Quartz or Pineapple Quartz but also known as Cactus Amethyst, Barnacle Amethyst, Pineapple Amethyst and Porcupine Quartz. Spirit Quartz comes from South Africa, it is found and cleaned with great care by the women of one ancient African tribe. It is called Spirit Quartz, not because of spirit but because of the colour which is similar to a cleaning spirit in South Africa.
As the name suggests, this beautiful specimen comes from the quartz family, however its energy can be very different to those of the quartz family of stones; it can carry a significantly higher vibration and therefor is slightly more powerful in its metaphysical uses.

With its formation in mind, it is easy to see that this stone points its energy in all directions. Multiple miniature points wrapped around a main point, giving the stone a druzy appearance, it is commonly used for reaching multiple levels and dimensions and programming cellular memory.

Its name, Spirit Quartz, indicates that it carries the gift of spirit and enhances one’s metaphysical abilities. Used to open the crown chakra and higher chakras, it balances and cleanses all the chakras.


This stone will bring about spiritual evolution, helping you reach deeper levels of spirituality and higher levels of enlightenment. It will guide your spirit, uplift your soul and radiate strong vibrational energies.

In meditative use, it will empower you to reach deeper levels of meditation. Opening the higher chakras, it will allow you to concentrate better and give a better insight. With the better meditation, you will feel more balanced, have more clarity and will be able to live in a more harmonious manner.

Spirit Quartz is also used when someone is grieving, anxious, fearful and worried allowing the feelings of dis-ease to be pointed away from the body, in all directions.


Spirit quartz balances male and female energies, and so is used for fertility. Many women carry or wear spirit quartz to help them fall pregnant or maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Skin disorders can be gently treated by holding or rubbing the stone gently against the area of irritation.

In death, placing these stones around the bed of the dying person will assist their transition from the physical to the spirit plane. Guiding their spirit through the different dimensions of the afterlife to wherever where it is meant to end up. Amethyst varieties of the stone are also used to dissolve a dying person’s fear of death, allowing a gentler transition.
For those left behind, it will bring comfort and will help to have an overview of the situation.

In work environments, it will bring harmony and will allow for a more productive work environment.


Spirit Quartz will heal discord, instil patience and will help overcome obsessive behaviours. It will assist with a gentle but effective mental or psychological detox.


Personally, Spirit Quartz is a firm favourite of mine. Its gentle but powerful, multifaceted energies and uses make it a go-to for several reasons; particularly in the home. Try using it in the main room of your home, a harmonious and balanced will allow energy to flow better and encourage a peaceful atmosphere.

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