Hello and welcome. This month, I will be focusing on the topic of growth. Our crystal of the month is the beautifully rich Azurite, also known as Chessylite – after the place where it was most commonly found, Chessy-les-mines, in France. Other places reputed for their Azurite mines, include Sinai, the Eastern Deserts of Egypt and Saxony.

There simply is no stone quite like Azurite, the rich blue vibrancy resonates exactly at the same frequency as our Third Eye chakra and the stone has been guiding souls to higher awakening and enlightenment since the early civilisations began; to the inhabitants of Atlantis and the early Egyptians, Azurite was a very potent stone and was shrouded in mystery. Only the highest priests and priestesses would have known the true power of Azurite and its psychic enhancing abilities. The ancient Chinese called it the stone of heaven and the ancient Greeks and Romans used it for its psychic attunement. In the Mayan civilisations, it was used to facilitate the transfer of wisdom and knowledge via thought and in Native American communities, the stone was used for making the connection with the spirit guide, to feel their presence and understand the messages they were in receiving from their higher selves and spirit guides.

Azurite Properties

Although in pastimes, the stone was used for intuition and contacting higher beings, in today’s society, people use it predominantly for clearing confusion, allowing us to see clearer; enhancing clairvoyance (seeing). Azurite helps develop psychic and intuitive abilities, it helps push the soul toward enlightenment. It also aids and assists in the protection of the soul in out-of-body experiences.

Mentally it is said to bring a clearer understanding and will help to soften and expand the mind. It will help clear negative thought patterns and break patterns that no longer serve a positive purpose to you. It will help with keeping a clear head in high-stress situations, therefor it is a highly beneficial stone for students at exam time. It will help during negotiations, conferences and networking events, allowing you to be very clear of your self-image and maintain this during these high stress times.

Azurite will allow you to release pre-programmed ideas of reality and belief systems to then have to ability to move freely into your idea of the unknown without fear. It will encourage you to reach deeper depths of insight and achieve a new reality. It will allow the old beliefs to rise gently into your consciousness encouraging you to challenge these old truths and test them against your new truth.

Emotionally, Azurite will help clear stresses, worries, grief and sadness allowing more light onto these emotions and making them easier to live with. It will help transmute fears and phobias, allowing you to understand them and have more insight on where they came from, how they manifested. It will also calm someone who speaks too much or encourages self-expression in the person that stays quiet out of fear and nervousness.

Azurite will aid in creativity, allowing the mind to work in new ways, in turn bringing growth of business or work and in social opportunities.

Physical Properties

Azurite will help with throat problems, arthritis and join issues, allowing the spine to align and will work at a cellular level to restore blockages and brain damage.
Azurite has a special resonance with the mind and our mental processes, allowing healing and stress relief at this level.

It will allow a person to grow out of themselves at almost any level and working with this stone is a fully immersive holistic experience.

My personal experience with Azurite

Azurite has helped me with change, it has assisted me with changing my thought patterns, allowing me to be happy in times where I believed I should not have been.

It has helped me with business decisions and helping me adopt the correct thought patterns to bring about positive change in my work. I use it when I find it hard to meditate, to help my mind relax and soften enough to let go and reach the depth of meditation I have grown used to.

I have used the stone to overcome unwanted and intrusive thoughts that lead to anxiety. It has allowed me the mental space to just be “in” times of difficulty, which has allowed me to flourish against all odds.