This month as we head into the New Year we’re looking at how to Detox Your Mind. Whether it’s toxic relationships, stress, feeling overwhelmed, lacking clarity, or a sense that your creativity or intuition is stifled or blocked, I have shared 7 of my favourite ways to have a good mental and neurological clear out to detox and get things flowing again.

Step Back

When you feel confused or overwhelmed taking either a physical or mental step back can work wonders. If it’s not possible to take an actual step back, what I call the ‘Take 5’ during a meeting or discussion, take a mental step back and imagine standing behind yourself in order to get an  alternative perspective. Take it a step further and imagine floating above whatever the situation is and viewing it in its entirety. You can get a completely new perspective and fresh ideas from viewing it in this way. It also takes you out of the emotion and gives you a sense of head space and greater clarity. If it’s a situation that involves other people, imagine having them all seated at a table and move around in sequence seeing the situation or issue from their point of view.


I know it might sound odd because if you weren’t breathing you wouldn’t be reading this blog, however what I mean is really breathe, deep into the bottom of your lungs. If you don’t already have a meditative breathing practice one of my favourites is Ha Breathing from Hawaiian Huna. You basically breathe in thorough the nose and out through the mouth, and as you breathe out you make a “Haaaaaaaaaa” sound. Also as you breathe in gently allow your stomach to rise, as opposed to sucking it in as people often tend to do. The process forms a simple yet very effective and powerful meditation practice and you can feel the detox effects within minutes.

Write & Release Detox

I am big fan of my Huna Fire Rituals; a form of free-form journaling, this is where you simply write out everything that is cluttering up or eating away at your mind and psyche followed by some fire energy. Even if you are someone who keeps a journal, I suggest doing this on loose leaf paper, preferably plain, as in unlined, and simply write anything and everything that comes to mind that it would be good to release. And it’s not a neat or chronological list. Write anywhere. Once the process is complete either rip up, shred, or if you have somewhere safe to do so; (I own a cauldron), burn it. As you destroy what you have written, set and hold the intention that you are releasing it once and for all now.


Take stock of the thoughts that reside in the recesses of your mind. If you find yourself in situations that you don’t like, or are aware of repeating old patterns, your own version of Groundhog Day, explore what lies beneath the surface; Is there a reason why you’re putting up with an abusive relationship? – Maybe you think you’re not good enough and wouldn’t be able to meet someone new. Is there something besides the job market that keeps you in a job you hate? Possibly not believing that you have the skills and capabilities to thrive somewhere else. And if in your perception you are eating, drinking or smoking too much, aside the more obvious stress relief triggers or social norms, what else might be going on? When you know what is truly gathering in the corners of your mind you can take action to resolve and let go of the burden of it.

Find Your Thing

What is it that helps you to clear your mind and body? Is it walking in nature? Having an aromatherapy bath? Playing with your pet? Talking to friends? Reading a book?  Meditation? Playing an instrument? Dancing? Whatever it is, if your experience of life is that you don’t do whatever it is very often, schedule ‘Your Thing’ into your diary. Yes, you can be spontaneous about it however if you haven’t yet made it a habit, it is very easy for your good intentions to fall by the wayside.

Relax Your Brain

One of the products that I recommend to my Coaching clients who are looking for “easy ways to change” are Paraliminal CDs. They contain Holosync Technology and dual conversations to simultaneously work with both left and right brain, leading you into a state of clarity, relaxation, creativity, and whatever else you might be seeking as a result. You can find further information about them here.

Sleep Detox

I have always believed sleep to be one of the great gifts of Mother Nature. It’s like a universal reset button where you can carry the weight of the world on your shoulders one day, and wake up with a sense of clarity and insight the next. ‘Taking a rain-check’ and ‘sleeping on it’ is woven into the fabric of our society and for good reason. Our brain and neurology often needs time to assimilate information in order to make connections. One of the best ways to do that is to get out of your own way. I teach a process called DreamPlay to my PhotoReading™ MasterMind Groups. It’s a powerful way to use your dreams as both a creative and a productivity enhancement process. One way to use this is to set the intention that while you are sleeping peacefully your inner mind will detox, sort out and clear away old mental clutter on your behalf.