2018 is the ‘Year of the Dog’ and dogs are known to be loyal trusted companions with more bark than bite. The new year always feels like an exciting time of year, a fresh start with a blank piece of paper and most importantly, it’s when the old energies leave and the new energies arrive.  You may have felt the energies changing already, they are always stronger as they leave and enter.  This year we will find out who our loyal friends are, who we can trust and who we should move away from, e.g. the people who are users and takers.

The ‘Year of the Dog’ and 2018 is the year to trust your gut!

If you would like to put your remedies and activations in place this year, they must all be placed on or before the 4th February.  It’s always the same date every year regardless of when the Chinese New Year celebrations happen.

Feng Shui New Year – Sunday 4th February, 2018

Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog – Saturday 16th February, 2018

You may feel unsettled after reading about the new energies in your home, but please always remember that everyone has their turn of the good and negative luck and feng shui (earth luck) is only 33% of your luck.

Most feng shui afflictions can be remedied, giving you control of two thirds of your luck, the human luck (your decisions – 33%) and the earth luck (feng shui – 33%).

In 2018 there are three important areas I want to bring to your attention:

  • The 3 KILLINGS resides in the NORTH during 2018, so NO MAJOR RENOVATIONS, NO DIGGING & KEEP THIS SECTOR QUIET. This sector must be taken more serious because the 3 Killings has landed in a sector with the 5 Disaster Star.  If your front door faces north, please avoid this entrance and try to use another door as much as possible.  Add plants (three or more) to the north to hold down this negative energy.  Don’t ever use a plant as a remedy in a bedroom, use the colour green instead because plants drain your bedroom energy.  It is important to avoid flames or candles in this north sector, don’t use a gas stove, cook with electric if possible, and use your stove as least as possible.  A great excuse to eat out more often! You should place a large jug of water next to your stove to try and dampen the fire energy here.  Avoid using a fireplace if you have one in this sector as this can cause major financial problems.  DON’T SIT WITH YOUR BACK TO THE 3 KILLINGS (don’t sit with your back to the north), if you do it can cause people to talk about you behind your back, or stab you in the back (not literally).  Pay attention to the direction you sit in your chair, at your desk or sleep in your bed.
  • The Grand Duke Jupiter resides in the sector between 5° – 307.5° in 2018. DO NOT FACE THE GRAND DUKE.  The Grand Duke protects the house and offers support if given respect.  If you face the Grand Duke in 2018 you are disrespecting him, he will create misfortune.  Be very careful where you sit, sleep or watch tv and ensure you are not facing the direction were he resides between 292.5° – 307.5°.
  • The Illness star resides in the west sector in 2018 so NO RENOVATIONS, DIGGING OR CANDLES here because you don’t want to aggravate this illness energy. Keep the area quiet and remove all red colours.  Add metal objects like a metal wind-chime or if your bedroom is in the west, use grey or white colours to drain and weaken this negative energy

Auspicious Colours for Year of the Dog

It is auspicious this year to use the colours red or gold.  A crimson red handbag, purse or wallet is the most auspicious to use, even better if they are accessorised with gold clasps.  Choose an elegant red or gold dress with matching shoes to really turn heads or it would look stunning to put the two colours together for power dressing.  Also add sparkly jewellery to dress up your outfit, the more bling the better to really take advantage of the abundant energy.