Courtesy of Kym Vincenti

These are hearty and have a great meaty texture – perfect for when you really need filling up!

* 1 tin of chickpeas⠀
* 1 clove garlic⠀
* 1 cup chick pea flour
* bunch of fresh coriander
* 1 dessertspoon coconut oil⠀
* ½ tsp cumin⠀
* ½ tsp chili flakes⠀
* ½ tsp tumeric
* salt and pepper to season⠀
* 1 fresh lemon

Drain a can of chick peas and add to the blender with a little of the juice. Throw in the garlic, spices & corriander before blitzing for a full minute. Check to make sure it’s all blended and if not, blitz a little more! Pour the mixture into a large bowl and mix in the flour – The consistency should be like bread dough. Break off meatball sized pieces and make into flat round patties. In your frying pan add the coconut oil and heat. Add the patties and cook each side for 2/3 minutes, until crisp. Season and serve with a lemon wedge. These taste great with a big mixed salad.