Greetings from The Contessa Travel Logs

I’m Sonny (playfully known as ‘The Contessa’ to my friends) and I am what you would call a “seasoned traveler”. I got the travel bug at a very young age and since then I’ve been packing my suitcase and heading off on new adventures at every opportunity I get. Whether you have travelled more or less than me, I would love you to join me on my jaunts because I believe we can all gain something from another person’s viewpoint or knowledge, no matter where in the “well-travelled” spectrum we fall.

Rainbow over Palmer, Alaska USA
My opinions are strictly my own and unbiased; you can surely take them with a grain of salt because like anything in this world, our likes and dislikes are as varied as the flavors of tea or species of flower. What I offer you is perhaps a different perspective or an experience that may compel, inspire, (even dissuade you in some cases) from an adventure you are dreaming about.
International Sand Sculpting Festival Revere Beach, Massachusetts USA
Before we pack our virtual bags and take off, there’s a little something I want you to “take on board”. Even though real-life travel is not always possible for a variety of circumstances, there are so many experiences that can be had without packing an overnight bag to anywhere and many are even free! So, I won’t only be sharing my adventures about faraway lands and trips of a lifetime, but also the little mini adventures in between those larger than life trips. I hope you too will be enthused to enjoy some of your more  local places and flavor, be it in a bustling city renowned the world over for its major attractions or a quaint beautiful town in the middle of St. Elsewhere. There are hidden gems all around us and I’m looking forward to exploring as many as I can as we journey together.
So, what are we waiting for?! I’m so excited about the destinations, my stories and photos I plan to share, but most of all grateful to have you on this journey with me. You may find new tips, suggestions and even learn from my mistakes (and there are few but that’s what makes adventures even more memorable!!).
St. Botolphs without Bishopgate, London UK
Most of all, until you experience the destinations you choose first hand, that you can escape with me and enjoy them vicariously thru The Contessa Travel Logs. Here’s a little inspiration for our future travels together; I took this photo in the desert of Dubai during my most recent birthday…I leave you with the thought, “so many adventures await beyond that horizon!”
Sunset in the Desert, Dubai UAE
Here’s to Fantabulous Travel Adventures!!