To avoid writing a whole book of Huna for this blog, I will focus on 3 keys areas:

• What is Huna?
• How does it work?
• Why is it so great for detoxing your life?

I will also share one aspect that people across the globe have been using to resolve conflicts, release old hurts, and heal and move on from broken relationships.

What is Huna?

In a nutshell, it’s an ancient Hawaiian healing practice that works with energy, the elements and symbols.  Said to date back 35,000 years it was originally called Ho’o-mana (to make mana or life force energy) the teachings flourished and were shared as a form of personal and spiritual development and healing.

One of my favourite elements of Huna for cutting old ties and connections, letting go of the past, and releasing emotional baggage is Ho’oponopono, also known as the Forgiveness Process.   The forgiveness in this context isn’t about ‘forgetting’ or letting the other person or parties ‘off the hook’ it is to free yourself from the burden of carrying the weight of their actions whilst keeping what I call the #LifeLessons.

Ho’oponopono centres around cutting and cleaning up old energetic ties and connections.  The premise is to make right old wrongs and release yourself and those connected to you from dysfunctional energetic ties that bind.

How does Huna work?

That title might be a misnomer because since learning Huna in October 2000 and my first trip out to Hawaii to study it in 2005 I can’t explain the miraculous things that have happened for both me and my clients.

On an ethereal level the kahunas believe you create an energetic connection with everyone and everything you come into contact with. Those connections can become congested and where there has been upset or drama you can carry that baggage around with you or be affected by the emotions of the other party or parties involved.

It allows your energy to flow more freely.

In this context it works by asking the Huna Guides to come in and cut the old energetic ties and connections and uses the prerequisite symbols to enhance the process.  And it works whether the client is in Australia or up the road in London.  At the end of this Blog I have share a couple of client examples so you can see what I mean.

Using Huna to Detox Your Life

There’s what I call the “full on bells and whistles version” that I use with my clients which we won’t get into here because it works best as a facilitated process and involves a (metaphorical) stage and swords of light.  Then there’s what you might call Ho’oponopono light, a wonderful way to get the ball rolling.

This is an Exercise you can do on your own even if the person in question is no longer with us.

  1. You say: “I forgive you.  Do you forgive me?”  (And at this point you might go: “But but but I did nothing wrong!!!”  Just remember that there is often more than one side to every story and what we are aiming for here is energetic flow . . . . .).
  2. Have a conversation and clear the air.  Even with an imaginary dialogue allow all parties to say whatever needs to be said.  Get to that place of catharsis where there is nothing left.
  3. Close the conversation with a sense of mutual love and forgiveness and imagine reclaiming your energy.  Remember that relationships are a two way street and that each party most likely brought something to the party and contributed to the dynamics.

Distant Huna Energy in Action

Below are a few examples of how the Huna Energy Clearing works in practice.

The Rusty Car Altercation

I had a client was in conflict with his neighbour for several months over a rusty car which blocked my clients driveway.

Whenever my client had visitors go near the neighbour’s driveway because there was nowhere else to park an argument would ensue.  Full of stress my client pulled over on the motorway and called me after yet another argument.  We did a few minutes of Huna.

The next day my client’s wife opened the door and called him.  The rusty car that once sat there, a heaving lump of rusty oil leaking metal was gone.

My client also commented during our impromptu Session that that the street would be a wonderful place to live if only that person moved house.  Within a few months the neighbour’s house was up for sale . . . . .

Suicidal Late Night Huna

I received a call from a friend to say goodbye because she was going to kill herself.  After a messy relationship break up she hadn’t been sleeping well.

I offered to do remote Huna.

About 3 o’clock in the morning I woke up having gotten caught up in proposal writing that evening.  I sat in bed and sent a series of Huna symbols over.

They were specific including symbols for calming the mind and feeling more peaceful.

I woke up to an email saying:

“Marilyn you will not believe this, and the point where you say I’m crazy, but at around 3 o’clock this morning I suddenly felt calm and peaceful and the best night’s sleep I’ve had in weeks!”

Underpaid and Bullied

There was the client who was being picked on by her boss and was underpaid compared to trainees employed long after her.  A few days after our Session she called me up to say out of the blue her boss called her into the office to say they realised she was being underpaid and a pay rise was ordered.  They also had a lovely chat about their respective weekends.  She was doubly stunned because it wasn’t pay review or appraisal time so the decision was completely left field.

If you work with the elements, taking a few deep breaths, going out into nature, listening to soothing sounds, or observing smooth running water can all help to connect your more profoundly to this beautiful planet and refresh your senses.

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