The buzz word for each month is to bring attention to what would benefit you throughout the month. For January the word is Focus – where to direct your attention for smooth running as it were.

Focus on what is important to you and please be very present when you do so. Be in the moment to fully appreciate and feel where you are in comparison to where you want to be.

Scattered thoughts usually only skim the surface of what we want. If we focus and become immersed in it we have the potential to go in deep to feel, sense and know how it feels, see where we want it to take us. Sound out the timber and vibration to know if we are aligned to influence the outcome as we’d like it to be for us. Focus your mind, your thoughts, your energy and your attention, you may be amazing at what you can produce if you give it a go. Breathe, smile, focus and have a little faith, trust and belief as you reach for the stars.

Capricorn There comes a time when you have to say, ‘enough is enough’. You are a very hard worker and you also need breaks for you. Time to relax and sit back and put your feet up. You planted seeds in 2017 and they will need a little time to take and start growing. While you are waiting patiently be creative and start something new just for you and just because you can. Diversity is the influence to help this year be so special for you whether it is at home, with your career or job or even as another activity that allows you to feel good about you.

Aquarius Finding a routine that works for you may be your mission for this year. Once you are comfortable and have created either a system or a process that works for you, you could then look to share it with others to help them too. We all need to feel valued, wanted or needed in some way. Life is changing rapidly for you and it may be that the Universe is asking you to choose what happens next. You are kind and you care about others; how would you like to put that out into the big wide world to share and potentially bring you a new lease on life.

Pisces Up down, up down as if on a see-saw. The new year could be much smoother if you’d like it to be. Decision time… focus… think. What are you good at, what are you passionate about? Focusing on those two lists, what jumps off the page at you to say, ‘I need more of this in my life’? It is up to us to get to know and understand what makes us happy. You might have had mixed feelings before and been sitting on the fence, but was that just an easy option to take.  For life to change or be better something has to give or change. Something small to start the ball rolling and set an intention that is easy to follow.

Aries The message for the start of this year is one to ‘keep on going’. There will be plenty of distractions throughout the year, but this month for you is about focus and planning. New beginnings whether they be with relationships, career or home life, they give us the opportunity to create magic and for it to happen. New beginnings usually mean there are things closing on a chapter or ending. Take care of those loose ends for a fresh start to 2018, for this year has the potential to be a stunning year for love, happiness and success.

Taurus Moving on up moving on out. Out with the old and in with the new. Thinking and thought-provoking steps to lift this year into action. There may be a feeling of ‘in a minute’ or ‘can’t be bothered’! Ask procrastination to take a back seat please. If you get up and go you send out the right message and intention for a very productive year. If you want to make a difference, then the suggestion is to start doing things differently. You may be surprised just how big a difference small changes can make and may manifest more successes in your life. Plan, action and review, music for motivation and hay presto, you never know what may occur.

Gemini It may not have been the easiest of journeys for the past few years but there is potentially good news ahead of you. The impasse that was now has permission to move on as it were. Look to long term rather than short term as the tide turns and you ride the crest of the waves as they build and grow. Be clear on your intentions and be willing to take small steps to get you to where you want to be. Acknowledgement and achievement are visitors who may choose to stay with you now the pathway is clearing. Smile, the ripple of that energy is highly infectious and might draw in just what you’ve been looking for.

Cancer Stubbornness, resistance, complications and lack of flow. These may have been ruling you at some level for a while now. So, time to focus and choose. Empty your mind and your head of all that offers confusion rather than clarity. Write it all down, check for importance and relevance then ditch the rest. Understanding the underlying cause could give you the answers you have been seeking. Be willing to view life from other perspectives to generate a different perception this may make the decision process easier.  Forgive and release new possibilities lay ahead for a happy month of January.

Leo Life seems to get better and better for you Leo’s as January is offering you choices galore. Sometimes too many choices cloud the simple decisions and yet if you take each option on its own merit then evaluate them along the way maybe you’ll find the clarity to know what the rights ones are for you. There are some changes coming your way and you could make the most of them if you are willing to be in the flow of creativity.
With lots to do focus on a plan then one step at a time. There no need to rush simply start and get the ball rolling.

Virgo This year is giving you the opportunity to see your world with fresh eyes. The request seems to be one of time and placement. Give yourself time, me time, thinking time and planning time. And look at your space as well. Possibly move furniture around to give you more space to work, rest and play in. Take your time. Rushing can be a sign of lacking in trust. Trust in your own gut feelings and also your abilities. You have all the gifts and resources within in you to make things happen. Believe in yourself and remember to ask for help if you need to please.

Libra The gifts will keep appearing if you are willing to go the distance, stay the course as it were. If nothing changes then nothing changes, make one change and you open the door to multiple possibilities. Focus on what you want to achieve this year. Put in holidays and ‘me time’ as well as plans for work or career and having a ‘life’ as it would work for you. Give yourself permission that all will be okay and then plan, take some action no matter how small then review your position. Small steps are the best way to start a great journey.

Scorpio Tired of things not going quite to plan. It may be time to step back and take a good look at each area of life for you. Let go of any restricted or rigid ways that are limiting your receiving ability to allow flow and ease for changes to naturally occur. Sometimes we can be so locked in our ways there is no flexibility or openings for energy to help you create what you want. As 2018 starts there are options that will come your way. Are you ready to take some action and expand your thinking and let your world go global?

Sagittarius The first words that come to mind for you are frustration, annoyance and exasperation. This past year of 2017 has brought challenges to many and you may have found yourself at the heart of the chaos. Please take a look at the details and not just the big picture of life. Often it is in the detail that magic resides, and we can miss it if we rush though to get to the other side. The journey is worth noticing and enjoying, sharing as well as learning from. This coming year for you is to establish what you want for the long-term future in years rather than days or weeks. You are an explorer, explore.