I ❤ Australia in the Spring: Alexandra Gardens in Melbourne Victoria
When last we met, it was like planning our first date- you getting to know a little more about me and all that. During this month, so synonymous with LOVE, I think it’s befitting to share why I LOVE Travel, and why I encourage it so much along with local “exploring” when distant travel is not an option.

Many folks work themselves into the ground without ever having taken that “ONE trip”, never mind several that they so often dreamt of. I’ve heard people say, “I’ll wait ‘till I retire”, “after the kids are out of school”, “once I’ve paid off the mortgage completely” and the list goes on and on.

While we all hope to live into that healthy retirement and have all that extra cash, realistically we have no idea when our earthly contract expires and let’s face it, how many people EVER get to live completely debt free and /or have that big ole’ cushion of extra cash they plan on? Sadly the scenario of perfect healthy retirement and time to travel does not always happen. I share this with you because I’ve seen far too many people leave this earth too soon and never even once visit a place they dreamed of because they were waiting for everything to be perfect and the moon and stars to align. Now, I AM NOT ENCOURAGING or ADVOCATING for anyone to make reckless choices with their finances or abandon responsibilities, never!
I ❤ NYC in the Summer: NYC skyline from under the Brooklyn Bridge
What I do hope however, is that after a little contemplation and if your circumstances allow, you:

  • research various affordable travel packages, or cost saving alternatives for good deals
  • perhaps determine what a reasonable amount of credit may be to carry if you are fortunate enough to have it
  • what savings can be spared or major purchase deferred

And make sensible choices from there. Why go thru all this soul-searching to make a travel adventure a reality? Because the memories of visiting a place you’ve always dreamed of are PRICELESS! How much will it be worth in your golden years to recall that moment when you finally stood in front of (fill in the blank of your dream destination/attraction) and exclaimed, “WOW, I’m really here and this is not a postcard I’m looking at!!”.  For me, it is one of the greatest joys in life and something no one can take away.

I ❤ New England in the Fall: Deerfield, Massachusetts

In recalling my intrigue for and how my love affair with travel began, it was going to John F. Kennedy as a kid and marveling at the billboards for international airlines. This was during the heyday of travel when it was far more a luxury and not as commonplace as it is now. For many working folks then, the only trip one would even entertain of taking was going back to the country of one’s ethnic roots; it was almost sacrilege to think of going anywhere else. It was then I knew I was going to march to the beat of my own drum. On one occasion to meet an arriving relative at Kennedy airport, I was not as excited to see the family member as I was by the mesmerizing advert for British Caledonian Airways. I knew one day I was going to see that Tower Bridge and sigh. To date, my reaction when arriving at a destination that I had only once seen in pictures, postcards, or shows on telly, has been exactly that – this little sigh, sometimes a gasp of amazement, on some occasions even a tear because the reality of being ‘THERE’, wherever THERE may be is THAT awe-inspiring.
And remember, local areas and attractions are equally to be enjoyed too. This is what I usually call “exploring”: staying relatively local but enjoying an experience that removes you from your typical surroundings & mindset even if for just a little while. For example, during a very skinny time thru a recent recession during which I was {gasp} NOT able to travel for a bit I found a great way to mentally visit one of my favorite continents for a few hours. I would visit the Museum of Fine Arts on their Free night and spend copious time in my favorite gallery, the European Arts wing. Strolling thru the Renaissance paintings I would pretend I was walking thru the Vatican museum or Gothic quarter in Spain. Surprisingly enough, this became a wonderful distraction from the realities of life at the time and filled my heart with hope and intention for the next real adventure.
I ❤ London in Winter: Christmas on Oxford Street, Selfridge’s Department Store Light display
In this month of love, I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day mi gente, and enjoyed this little peek into my travel album of places that sets my heart a flutter xx