I love this months theme of spring cleaning as not only does it imply a new lease of life, but it also gives us a sense of purpose. A sense that we can take action to make improvement in our lives – it’s exciting!!

So this month I’d love to help you give your whole digestive system a spring clean and get rid of bloating or sluggishness to put a spring in your step. With summer just around the corner it’s time to get rid of any spare pounds and deflate the bloat, so let’s do a little spring cleaning to rebalance your gut.

It’s not a difficult or boring as you think. If you can, give yourself a week to focus on your eating. I’ll help by giving you my little recipe book that will help you with meal planning. So firstly …

Sling Out The Sugar

Just for the week, say goodbye to sugar. We all know it’s bad for us but why oh why does it taste so good?!  Well the good news is, you can wean yourself off it and you can still get that sweet kick with things like raw honey and maple syrup, which is not as unhealthy as it sounds. In fact if you replace sugar with it when cooking or baking, you’ll reduce the sugar content by a third, even though it will taste the same.

An important thing to be conscious of is that sugar feeds disease. Candida feeds on sugar and it’s hard to detect so if you’re suffering from unexplained digestive issues, I’d put good money on it being a candida overgrowth.

Let’s not forget that most packaged foods have so much hidden sugar it’s ridiculous.  So ditch those for the week also. You may think that making everything from scratch will take up too much time, but you’ll be surprised. One of my main principles when designing recipes is making them quick and easy because I do not wish to spend hours in the kitchen.

Boost The Bacteria … The Good Stuff

They say all disease begins in the gut and some even refer to it as your second brain. It’s true you know, a healthy gut equals a flatter tummy and healthy life. Buy some unpasteurised sauerkraut from the health food store and add a large spoonful to meals.

If you dislike it then go for live yogurt. Full fat Greek yoghurt is best. Please, nothing labelled low fat or reduced calorie because in most cases that means chemical shitstorm. Stock up on fermented drinks like kombuca and kefir. You don’t even have to make your own these days as you’ll find them in a good health food shop or via a specialist supplier.

Water, Water Everywhere

It’s nothing new. We know we are made up of 65% water so it’s a no brainer that we should keep it topped up. But it can seem boring.

I like to make it more interesting and healthier and I do this by blending up lemons with ginger, a little raw honey and cinnamon then I put this in a jar in the fridge and use it throughout the week as cordial.

Each morning I put 4 tablespoons into a jug and fill that with boiling water then drink it during the day.

While we should all be drinking at least 2 litres a day every day, a jug full a day will be a great start.

Fill Up On Fibre

When you think about fibre do you yawn? Does it conjure up images of dried twigs? Well I promise, my recipes are nothing to yawn at and you’re gonna love em! Eating fibre will help with weight loss, prevent diabetes, reduce your risk of a stroke and improve your blood sugar levels.

When you look at it like that it’s pretty sexy. During the week make sure you eat healthy food that is nutritionally balanced to help you stay regular. If you’d like some delicious recipes that will help you do just that, you can download my free recipe book HERE.

Happy spring cleaning for a flatter tummy !!

About the Author

Kym is a Healthy Living Coach who uses yoga, menu planning, meditation and energy healing to help everyone get and stay healthy in mind, body & spirit. As a thriving 55 year old, she believes in doing everything to the core and her passion is to share all she knows about longevity and youthfulness so that everyone can enjoy living amd loving for longer.