The buzz word for April is Anticipate. ‘Anticipate and anticipating, being aware of what you’d like for this month of April. Paying attention to your thoughts and feelings and to also notice what is going on around you. This also means planning with an open mind for spontaneity to fit within the structure with excited anticipation.’  
AriesHappy birthday Aries. Anticipation, anticipate and anticipating are all positives for you this month. There were a lot of changes for you last month and this has allowed the decks to clear for you a bit more. This may also be a good month for you to make some long-term plans for home and happiness. A much-needed break or holiday starts to feel tangible and much closer too. The benefit will be amazing as while you are away some long awaited good news appears to be headed your way too.
Taurus April is here and with it comes a few showers. These could come in the form of financial showers, new business showers or simply that, water to take care of the garden. Stay ahead of the game and anticipate what your market is doing. This means you’ll possibly be putting what is needed out into the big wide world before anyone else does. Assumptions can be tricky little things as they may or may not be right. If you expect good things they are more likely to manifest. Anticipate the best and always be prepared.
GeminiApril brings with it well earned relief for you dear Gemini. As changes implemented from the tail end of February and throughout March more things reveal themselves almost on a daily basis. Keeping tabs on each week as it unfolds offers the opportunity to trace the history to its cause. If you identify the cause, there is the possibility to change the effect. Being the mover and shaker that you are as more is revealed so you could find yourself being praised and regarded as a fountain of powerful knowledge and a force to be reckoned with by those who doubted you.
Cancer Dear Cancer, this month asks you to be in a place of cool, calm and collected. This may or may not be your natural state of being but for now taking a back seat instead of trying to control everything in sight is what is being suggested. Anticipate the best instead of the worst. Talk things through with someone in a position to understand and offer guidance. Remember you choose to let things go or continue to fight for what may well be a lost cause. Reality checks are always a good place to start as they tend to show the truth of things.
Leo Hello dear Leo. So, are you going to totally exhaust yourself or take the learning from March and pace yourself? ‘Anticipation’ and working in harmony with last months ‘making it happen’ could potentially set you up for the whole year ahead. Long term thinking with check ins along the way could take the weight off your shoulders for some peace and quiet. Trust what you know and anticipate the do’s and don’ts, so you are prepared for all this month has to offer.
VirgoDear Virgo, to ease the stress and make for an easier life please accept help when it is offered. You are a proud sign and are always helping others so now, please allow them to help you. Repetition has two side to it. It can be the mother of all skills and it can be very boring too. Doing the same thing day in and day out without a break is not always a healthy way to live life. Ask for some help and support so that this month you can take some well-earned time off, time out or time away.
LibraChange is as change does. A busy month for you dear Libra. Mess and mayhem is a few areas of life could have you staying a way for a week or two. If that is what you anticipate this month has on the books, book that holiday or away time now. Connecting with friends from the past or visiting someone in need of support might be required this month so allow for some flexibility with your diary if possible. Anticipate for any and all possibilities and be prepared with love in your heart.
Scorpio Hello Scorpio. The best words I have to describe you for this month is ‘Chomping at the bit’ a horse term when the animal is happily anticipating taking part in a race or going for a gallop across the hills. Maintain your composure and keep a reign on your excitement until you are given the ‘go’ for real. Whether it is starting a new job, career change or a new relationship please take it one step at a time. Anticipation in of itself can be very exciting indeed.
Sagittarius What a potentially exciting month for you dear Sagittarius. Your action last month for ‘making it happen’ has born fruit. Planting seeds and helping them grow is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. Now may be the right time to decide on the order in which you’d like to develop those fruits of good fortune. This may require you to trust you intuition as to where to go first. Immediate need as well as long term requirement are best served side by side.
Capricorn – Confusion and uncertainty seem to play a role this month for you dear Capricorn. This is not your usual state of being for sure. You like a plan, in fact it may be safe to say you need a plan for peace of mind. This month of April could have you running around all over the place. Anticipating, for you, might mean checking the diary for this time last year to compare what life was like back then.  If you have a gut feeling please listen to it as history may well repeat itself. Work does seem to be building and growing a lot.
AquariusDear Aquarius, air and water, water and air. Anticipating when you’ll need both is a good way to start the month. Fresh air to breathe and feel free as the weather improves and lifts your spirits. You may also be a water lover as in drinking, swimming or riding upon the waves. A great proportion of us is made of water so drinking water keeps us healthy. Sitting by or swimming in water can relax us and help to balance the ions within the body. And riding the waves of success could bring abundance to you with an air of anticipation.
PiscesTo still enjoy creating and making things happen into April is on the cards for you this month. You are good at making the best of things so this month you are being asked to anticipate the needs for not just April but for the next few months ahead. Anticipate what might be needed for home improvements, holidays and those extras that make life more pleasurable. Please do this with a song in your heart to make it joyous and fun.