The buzz word for February is Friendship.

Friendships and relationships start with us, the relationship we have with ourselves.

Take some time this month to reconnect or remember those who mean a lot to you.Thank them for being there and give praise where you can it is food for our spirit and soul.

Aquarius This month is all about friends and friendships. If you know someone who has gone on the missing list, maybe you’ve lost touch with a friend or don’t know how to find them, think about them and ask that they find you or get in touch with you. This month is also about bacing time, travel and opportunities. You may feel inspired to start something fresh and new. Look forward to putting in adventures for the months ahead to get you out and about. It is nice to have time at home but not so good for us to be constantly stuck indoors. Aim to be adventurous for trips to excite your imagination, your mind, body and spirit.
Pisces So dear Pisces, a smooth-running year from now on? It could be so if you put in the time and effort at the beginning to get it on track. You are often easily distracted, please utilise the ‘focus’ from last month and use it to keep you on the pathway this month. Life is getting busier for you and therefore plotting the pathway to include some ‘me time’ would help you out this month. Connect with friends or work colleagues from your past it may bring a happy reunion and new-found friendships.
Aries Action, action, action. Its all about the action for you this month Aries. The planning stage is almost over so look at the plan and ask yourself who can help you make this happen. Whether it is a home move, career move or simply some lifestyle changes you have decided to make. Taking action, small steps or big steps, the journey is now underway. It may even feel as though your true new year is in alignment with Chinese New Year on the 16th of February. A fresh start all round for you. Imagine you are 6 months ahead of all that was at the beginning of the year, what do you see?
Taurus Challenging your world or your universe may not be the best way to create magic for this month. Rather acknowledge what is good in your life and look at what works and do more of it. If you were to approach life with a sense of adventure and excitement what you seek may appear before your very eyes. Pay attention to where life may have been running on autopilot. Engage brain and attention to stream line more positive things arriving in your life. Go back to a time with friends where life had success after success and reconnect with that spirit and that energy. Nothing need be lost if recognition, memory and attention are applied.
Gemini Firing on all cylinders is probably the best way to describe your trajectory for the month of February. Information that could make all the difference could cross your path to land new business or new friendships or relationships on pastures new. Be prepared for good things to come your way. A look to move home or do some sort of property deal is also on the table for consideration. Home or business there is a feeling of a new project just around the corner. One that lifts the spirits and adds more motivational energy into the mix of life.
Cancer One step at a time recruiting new staff or clients. This month you may feel driven to bring in fresh energy into a tired or tiring business or home life. Possibly think about an adventure you could go on or a training course to add a more fun aspect to life. Sometimes it can feel as if we are on a tread mill, exchange drudgery for something inspirational to motivate yourself and those around you. Spend time with friends to enjoy life with fun and laughter. Where our attention goes energy flows, so the request this month dear Cancer is to please place focus your attention on where life feels good.
Leo One decision at a time. Lay your cards on the table and review them carefully. Knowing you can’t do all of it, it might be time to prioritise in alignment with a long-term goal in mind. Planning counts and possibly a friend could help with that as well. Regarding a partner or relationship now might be a good time to suggest going up to the next level or expanding your horizons together. Choice is good to have but be careful not to sit too long without any action at all. Bring in others to join you for a fun and happy month.
Virgo So dear Virgo, what have you decided to do next? Have you written the plan down or are you just leaving it fate to tell you what to do next? Take up the reigns and guide your way through the next few months with confidence. Put in breaks and stops along the way. Do something special for that someone in your life who loyally just keeps being there for you no matter what. Praise is food for the spirit and soul. Praise yourself for jobs well done and appreciate those others who are there with you too. Smile and the world may just join in.
Libra The next step of the journey may appear to be fraught with danger but is it real or just imagined. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and keep moving forward. One day at a time and concentrate on one thing at a time. It only takes one stone to build a wall or a house and one positive thought and action to make a big difference to life. What is at the top of your list for life and 2018… do you have a list? If not start one now and prioritise for long term results. Meet up with friends you’ve not seen in a while and reminisce over happy times past and those to come.
Scorpio Hopefully January went well and has set things up nicely for February. There may be a feeling of itchy feet or a desire for a change. The choice is yours whether it is in living space, work, or life style. I know we have just had a seasonal break not that long ago, however there seems to be a yearning for a holiday. Even if taking time off now is not a good idea the planning of a holiday may shift the itchy feet blues. Possibly plan a visit with friends by the sea or out in the country or up in the hills for an uplifting weekend.
Sagittarius Exploring the possibilities of how you’d like 2018 to take shape is starting to take form. Having interesting thought provoking challenges might bring you into a more enthusiastic and creative energy. The outdoors seems a very attractive venture to also consider. Being in nature can be fulfilling and the fresh air is always of great benefit. Actions speak louder than words so start with a list that is actionable, so the next adventure can begin. Have a chat with an old friend for added inspiration.

Capricorn I have an ‘Ah’ as something that you might enjoy for this month. It feels as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you can relax for a bit. Ever focused on ‘doing’ you may not last long lounging around as you’ll always find something that needs doing. The work or business you are involved in may find it has a momentary lull, but it won’t last long. Life could get very busy very quickly so please enjoy the peace while you can. Enjoy a cuppa with a friend or two for a catch up on all the news.