The buzz word for May is Balance.

This month of June is asking you to look at life in a balanced way. Are you ‘over doing it’ in any one particular area of your life? Work, rest and play, relaxation, meditation, emotion, direction and focus. How we use our time and energy can be worn down or eroded unless we decide to allow balance into our lives. Please take a few moments this month and look at whether doing a balance check would be good. Even the bank balance may benefit from some attention this month.

GeminiJune for you and your birthday month brings with it some thrills and spills of fun and joy. Whether playing a different role at work or investing time and energy in some new adventures, this has the potential for being a brilliant month to explore life. New and old friends pop up and share memories of past endeavours. This is also possibly a month that highlights diversity. Trips away to new places, and a change of heart unexpectedly by someone you never thought could change may restore some balance. Dear, Gemini, have a very happy birthday and some well-earned rest and fun time too in a balanced way, of course.
Cancer Cancer, Cancer, Cancer. What is going on? Take a step to the left, then a step to the right, back and forth seems to be your delight. When stepping out it is also worth keeping your focus and paying attention, so that in the midst of your dance you don’t step on anyone else’s toes. Kindness and consideration along with possibly frustration and annoyance may be best served with a generous portion of balance and understanding for you this month. Listen with an open heart and show off your grace and generosity.
Leo Hello lovely Leo. This could be a manic month with so much to do and so many places that you are needed. Balance for you this month could make all the difference for staying energised and being on top form. Burning the candle at both ends may seem to be a good idea until you run out of steam nearer the end of the month. You are a joy to work with and be with and you also need time off to recharge your batteries for you too. Balance my dear may service you well this month.
VirgoBalance is key for all you fabulous Virgo’s out there in the big wide world. Wherever you are, the ‘balancing acts’ you may have had to pull off so far this year may now start to ‘balance out’ if you let them. You have done your best gathering information and talking to others about your needs and planning the future as best you can. This month may gift you what you need so life can be more balanced for you and those you love and care about. Celebrate the wins and readjust for what might appear to be losses, for life can change for the better in the blink of an eye.
LibraBalance, Balance, Balance – as a liberated and lovely Libran what ever seems out of balance, out of alignment or unfair it will all balance out in the end. Over thinking and running around in your head too much won’t really help. So, a suggestion if I may. Run around outside rather then inside. Write a letter to the situation in your head and ask it to show you the pathway to freedom, then burn it and let it go. Balance what you can do and let go of all the rest. You’ll probably feel better and happier if you do, in a balanced way, of course.
Scorpio Balance, not a word I would automatically think of where a Scorpio is concerned. By nature of the sting you carry in your tail, balance is not often a first choice for you. And yet when you look closely you are or can be great at the art of balance. Like on a bike or ski’s shooting down the slopes or paying the bills. I believe the request for you this month dear Scorpio is about balancing your energy and about the amount you do for yourself and others.
Sagittarius Fun and sometimes ‘wild adventurous child’ Sagittarius, understanding what balance means to you this month may require time out and a thinking cap. As you are usually quite impulsive, balance for you may be about planning before acting or reacting. Before rushing to a decision please take time to think things through first. Your quiet month may suddenly get very busy, not giving you time or space for balance to be considered or implemented.
Capricorn – Dear, dear Capricorn, balance is the one thing that often totally alludes you. You tend to be on your feet and doing all day and night until you drop. Rushing around here and there all the time. June for you appears to offer some natural breaks for rest and relaxation, so it is as though you are being well looked after by the Universe. Paying some attention to balancing the books would also be a good thing, for if business or work is quite quiet, keeping tabs on spending could be great wisdom.
AquariusHello lovely Aquarius, the water carrier and sun lover of the zodiac. The more sun there is the more you want to bask in its glory. If possible balance what you do with thinking outside and not just inside for work rest and play. If you have a love of the sea, then please do visit the shores as and when you can. This may be a good way to balance your energy level to keep you on top of your game for longer throughout the summer sunny days.
PiscesDear Pisces, life may be a little more settled for you this month. Obstacles that have been in the way may move smoothly out of your path and life for the foreseeable future. This might bring smiles to your face and a sense of relief along with it. Balance how many tasks you put your energy into throughout June please. Look to potentially balancing your time as it were, as time and clocks may appear to run out. This may be a good time to catch up with friends or family you’ve not seen a long time.
AriesThis month may be a balancing act of emotions. Birthdays, anniversaries and remembrance celebrations both sad and happy may fall into this month, counting our blessings and then reviewing our hopes and wishes and dreams. Look at all you have achieved and have done so far this year. June is the half way maker and is the fulcrum of the year. You’ve come though the first six months now what would you like to achieve for the next six months? What ever it is, plan balance within you and your life for maximum joy and excitement.
Taurus So dear Taurus, another month to make magic work for you. Planning is your forte and this is a month you can shine with the sun and its brilliance. There is potentially an introduction made that opens up a new area of business or make aware a group of influential people to consult with you. Knowledge is power and using knowledge to work magic for yourself and others enlightens the world and should bring blessings to your door. Balance your time and energy for when the dam floods break, you may be inundated for quite a while.