The buzz words for March are Make It Happen.

New year’s resolutions usually start well then they fade away into the distance. ‘Make it happen’ is about keeping the momentum going for all that you have started and or want to start. A little bit of action often soon completes most tasks. So please let your month of March be a month of many happy happenings.

Pisces Happy Birthday Pisces. And this is a good time for you to enjoy the me time plotted in from last month’s forecast. The buzz words for this month suggest taking the initial steps of planning into some form of action. There is the potential for an exciting month ahead for you. New ideas and inspirations may lead you to a pathway long awaited. Introductions and meeting as they come in please set your intention for the desired outcome you’d like. This month has everything to play for.
Aries This month for you dear Aries is to settle in and make some firm plans for long term future life style. New homes, holidays and adventures to explore as well as new territories to visit. Remember to take time out to just rest and relax too.  A project may come across your bow to excite your creative side. So possibly think about colour charts, fabric’s and new furnishings. There maybe a fabulous and fun shopping spree for this month. Finances may enjoy an up lift this month to spread your wings to fly to a special destination.
Taurus Change does bring its own challenges and they could be a lot of fun in the making. Utilising ‘focus’ and ‘friendships’ to ‘Make things happen’ this month. So, why not call upon a small team to help do some home changes or business moves. Decorating or moving rooms around shifts the energy to a new purpose and therefore brings in fresh energy to allow more exciting things to happen for you. An offer of two brings in new contacts and possibly new contracts as well. Small action steps to build the momentum for flow and flood gates to open for you.
Gemini Some interesting happenings for you this month dear Gemini. It has been a long time coming but there is acknowledgement and recognition on the horizon for you. Changes having been put into place that could now allow all those long-awaited breakthroughs to occur. Keep your focus, attention and intention in place and watch the events unfold potentially all in your favour. Movement of people in to different places or roles as well as an opening up that reveals the truth at last. Well oiled machines too can break down.
Cancer An interesting month for all you Cancerians. So much potential with all sorts of outcomes. The suggestion for you this month is as you make things happen please ensure it is truly what you want. Look at both sides of the equation, the cost and benefit ratio and balance them for the long term good. Life always offers us choice even if we feel there is no choice. We can be sensitive and considerate others or insensitive and possibly expect a backlash. Think before making it happen please so you are truly happy with the results. Time is a great healer and supporter when looked after.
Leo A little bit at a time if possible please Leo. It is great to get things underway at long last but remember to balance your use of time, energy and effort. This may be a good month to manifest some new business and business partners. Collaborations are potentially a great way forward for multiple reasons. Support, delegation, companionships and shared realisations of success. Trust your intuition to lead you to the right people who can assist in ‘making it happen’ for you all this month.
Virgo Making things happen is a very good description of who you are. As an action taker and mover and shaker this month may put you and your intentions on an accelerated road to success. Remember to balance your time so you can maintain energy and focus. Down time is as important as work time. Be careful please, if you do burn the candle at both ends, to ensure you have as much rest time as crazy all hours working time. Look at your support network too. Who can you bring in if you ned help on a daily basis.
Libra There may have been quite a few ups and down already to the start of this year. They may all be messages to slow down and take care of you first and foremost. Balance is key and a clue for your next moves. If you have a wall planner great if not I suggest getting one. Being able to see at a glance what is coming up in the future is a marvellous motivator to aid you to take some more action. And please put in some fun events and holidays to look forward too. Praise is food for the spirit and soul and holidays are uplifting and relaxing as well as energising.
Scorpio Boring and mundane are words that possibly drive you nuts. So rather than wait or just go with the flow, now may be a good time to do some research. Gathering information is something that tends to motivate and excite you. ‘Making it happen’ as a mantra for you is a great incentive for you physically, mentally and emotionally. A friend may need your help this month too. They may be moving or doing a clear out and it is always good to rekindle friendships or relations.
Sagittarius So dear Sagittarius, having done some soul searching and researching, musing and planning now would be a good time to start some action.  You are our experimenters, inventers and initiators of new and amazing things. This month might be a good time to start the drawings and plan for ideas that have been floating around in your head. Working on the costings and support team needed for when this may come to fruition keeps the planning grounded and real.
CapricornRealisations and expectations are what are on your mind this month dear Capricorn. You are always full of ideas and inspirations and this month they seem to be working over time for you and others around you too. New business and plenty of work seems to find it way to you with ease. Now to ‘make things happen’ the way you want might require some thinking time as well as talking time. There are plenty of willing hands offering their help. This month may be about asking and accepting help as and when you need it.

Aquarius Life always seems to offer up both good and bad news or so it might seem. Please look at all aspects from a positive, silver lining point of view if possible. Endings often mean new beginnings; new beginnings can also mean new friendships and new adventures to explore and share with loved ones. Making it happen may even suggest a letting go or a clearing out of some form to create space for all the new to be and grow. Travel seems to be highlighted for you this month too for some sun sea and sand to relax and enjoy.