The buzz word for May is Forgiveness.

This is an energy which carries a great deal of power, whether forgiving yourself or forgiving others. This word also has the gift of letting go with love and compassion, to allow healing for all concerned if you are willing to do so. No matter what was said or done or not done, please practice the art of forgiveness. At the end of the day you can change your perception and perspective, but they may be stuck in theirs. Forgiveness may change that.’

Taurus May brings with it some sunny days and fruitful offerings of joy, happiness and prosperity for a vibrant month of May. Happy Birthday dear Taurus. This is a month that carries the energy of a dream or wish fulfilled. A good question to ask yourself now is ‘Do you know what your dream or wish is that you’d like to have come true for you?’ Make time for fun and laughter, focus and contentment, with the knowledge that this month will bring you some joy and good news too. Offers may come from many directions as the world opens up to your requests. A new channel opens the doors to new business too.

GeminiMay means many things for you this month. The changes that had been spoken about for a while will now start to bear fruit. You choosing not to place your trust in a method you know doesn’t work is now potentially proven to be the right thing. Those who challenged you may have to revise their position and apologise. This is a good time to forgive but not necessarily forget. People show you who they are, believe them and teach them, if they are willing to learn, how to view things differently and play the game from the heart.

Cancer Oh my dear Cancer. This month may bring you some challenges and awareness’s that have been in front of you all the time. Take a step back and breathe. Reflect on what has been on your mind for a while. Write it down and then take a break. Ask what emotions are coming up for you and what do they mean to you? One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to do a check in. Notice what you notice, does it feel good or is there an ouch in there. Forgiveness may play a big role for you this month, so that communication and healing are allowed to help you and all those around you to heal too.

Leo A happy May for all you lovely Leo’s. The more the sun shines the happier you will be. Forgive yourself for what you didn’t get done and start a fresh plan. Check out if what didn’t get done has any meaning now. If it doesn’t then let it go and add into the new plan some fun in the sun and relaxation too. There appears to be the potential of an introduction to something new and exciting for you. If it is right up your street and has value for you, please make time to really enjoy yourself.

VirgoThis may be a challenge for you to forgive and let go this month. Emotions may run high, but they ask you to take time for yourself to review life and what direction you want to go in now, whether romantically, financially or where work or business are concerned. Every now and then the Universe challenges us where we are, to know what we want and be fully in alignment with who we are and where we truly want to be in life. This change and challenge may just bring about something amazing and delightful for you.

LibraForgive the past and embrace the future. Look at all the things you have achieved and done so far. There is more to come and more to enjoy in life if you allow yourself to thank the history and take its lessons to heart and apply the learning for maximum benefit. Where you have spent your life putting others first, spirit asks you to put you first and also plan fun, love and laughter too. May, may have a few ouches or challenges, just know that you have the resources within you to win the day as well as the month of May.

Scorpio Okay Scorpio, here’s the deal. You have a knack for making things happen and getting what you want most of the time. There may be someone close to you who could use that talent of yours for ‘making things happen’ to lift their spirits and potentially change their life’s path for the better and brighter. Sharing the art of forgiveness too may help them move forward, rather than being stuck in their own stuff and not letting themselves off the hook. Guardian or guide, your role this month may be to inspire and help others out.

Sagittarius Hello Sagittarius. What a potential line up of good things for you this month. The month of May potentially offers you the opportunity to look at resources and gaining more of those you’d like to have. Balance the books, planning outings and holidays, building business incentives and getting to grips with the next six months is in order. Forgive any mishaps or misunderstandings, life will always have its ups and downs, it’s part of the enjoyment and education life has to offer us.

Capricorn – Dear Capricorn, time to breathe before life gets really busy. The confusion and uncertainty of last month potentially opens up opportunities for new business and possibly a new trade of some form. Changing pathway or direction, even if it is only for a short time, can be like a breath of fresh air in life. Getting you to sit still for five minutes might be a challenge, but if you are enjoying what you are doing keep on going, for the sun also plays a part in bringing you joy this month.

AquariusDear Aquarius, good news may follow you around this month. Balance is the key, so you can maintain an equilibrium of energy, time and effort. It feels as though your life is on track and heading in the right direction. As life, work and career get busier, remember ‘me time’ and ‘time off’ are where you’ll gain value for maintaining strength and stamina. Travel and short trips away are also on the cards for uplifting you and your spirit for fun and basking in the sunshine.

PiscesDear Pisces, you may feel as though you are swimming in multiple directions this month. Friendships and relationships may come to the forefront of life for clarity, understanding and to place boundaries in areas of vulnerability. Forgive the past and focus on how you want to move forward in the future. Life’s lesson this month may also ask that you look past what appears to be and seek the truth and reality. Forgiveness might also be about letting yourself off the hook to push past the guilt and be free from stress.

AriesHappy days, weeks and months are potentially ahead of you now. Our perceptions and perspectives can change if we allow forgiveness to affect how we feel. Planning, dreaming, questioning ‘what would I like to feel and experience now?’ are what you might be asked to explore. May could prove to be the best and quietest month you’ve had in a while. Whatever you have been through whatever challenges and tribulations you have gone through, forgiveness for yourself and others will help to make the journey simpler and potentially smoother.