SPRING TIME – a time where the world awakes from what looks like a grayscale slumber turned into a life-sized colorful canvas in full bloom! Everything seems so lush and invigorated; and so are we when we stop and find just the right place to enjoy this splendor! Luckily, there are so many great ones to choose from! Certainly, there are the notable and iconic places all over this world that one immediately equates with this glorious season like: the world renowned Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan, Tulip gazing in Holland and the quintessential PARIS in Spring Time! If you have the opportunity to see these ‘Bucket List’ worthy places in their Primavera glory, you absolutely must!

Harborwalk along Boston Logan International Airport, East Boston, Massachusetts

But how about finding picturesque and maybe an equally vibrant colored oasis in places that are more renowned for being urban jungles? You may think you can’t truly find or enjoy the color and rich scent that Mother Nature gifts us this time of year in areas more popular for their famous skylines and fast-paced life, but surprisingly, many of these places do indeed house lovely areas to decompress, get a little Zen and a whiff of those elusive “city” roses.
Many urbanites living in these areas pass these green spaces during Spring without taking full advantage of the delightful reprieve they offer (especially when you’re in desperate need of a Get-Away or a little mental R & R) but, a day or even a few hours  each week of visiting a City park and/or garden in full bloom, and you’ll have renewed energy to tide you over and help keep your sanity until that next vacation.

Sunken Garden at Kensington Gardens London, England

And if you’re actually visiting such a city, it may be come as a great surprise that there are these little pockets of what may look like sprawling countryside within a concrete metropolis. A city such as London being quite Urban in every respect, (and one of my favorites if you’ve been joining me on these Travel Logs), is well known for also being replete in green space with its multitude of Royal Parks and Gardens that seem to emerge every few kilometers. A stroll thru Kensington with a stop inside the famed Sunken Gardens and one would forget there is any hustle and bustle going on just down Oxford Street. But take New York City for example, the ultimate Urban Jungle and which many think its sole green space is Central Park, and you’ll delight in knowing it actually has a variety of gorgeous green spots not only in the CITY but throughout its five boroughs. Venture over to Brooklyn, so dear to my heart, and you’ll find its topnotch Prospect Park which can rival Central Park in picnic, concert, lake and activities’ areas, along with the nearby Brooklyn Botanic Garden which can boast some of the most stunning grounds of Gardens anywhere. Or maybe you’ll prefer a grassy seat near the Brooklyn Bridge after walking thru the neighborhood area known as DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass). From there, you can take in a postcard worthy view of the skyline just across the water. If you’re on the opposite coast in the Northwest corner of the United States, the city of Seattle is another great place to enjoy some lovely “me-time”. This city is home to countless public parks, including the historic landmark that is the Japanese styled Kubota Garden with its magnificent Heart Bridge; simply one of prettiest sites outside of Japan itself.

Coles Fountain at Parliament Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Far beyond that direction of the world, you’ll reach one of the newer urban cities, Melbourne Australia. I fell in love with this young city and its cool vibe mostly because it had such a great blend of Urban and Earthy qualities. I was stunned at the beautiful and PLENTIFUL chill-out spaces throughout this vast city. It was very evident that the city planners wanted to ensure they created a dynamic thriving area where you can go from a tall office building and quickly arrive at one of many accessible parks and sit- a- spell, walk barefoot through the grass and just BREATHE, how brilliant!
Here in Boston, we are not just lucky enough to have history at every turn but in terms of green space, our claim to fame is being home to America’s first public park, the beautiful Boston Common, as well as the country’s first Botanical Garden: The Boston Public Gardens (featured in the main picture).
These adjacent grounds are an oasis amongst the towering skyscrapers of downtown Boston. When you’re here make sure to include in your laid back day’s schedule a ride on the famous Swan Boats, a tradition dating back to 1877. The fee is minimal for this portion of your the visit to the Gardens which are Public and FREE (we love that!) but, for a few dollars, you get an experience right out of a fairytale as you enjoy some moments of being sailed thru the garden Lagoon like royalty on a Giant Swan pontoon boat.

Famous Swan Boats of the Boston Public Gardens Boston, Massachusetts

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, Christopher Columbus Park, Boston, Massachusetts

So no matter where you are or traveling to, make sure to find one of those prized spots where you can take a few moments of nothing but breathing in fresh air, the scent of flowers and take in the vibrancy of color exploding around you – in fact, on this occasion, I say we take off our crowns and tiaras and just “♫ Tip Toe thru the Tulips ♪” with me. Ahhhhh- that’s nice . . . . . . !!
Until next time Mi Gente,