Most of us are guilty of not opening our eyes and paying attention to our surroundings, even though it’s very important in your business and personal life. What you see is what you attract!

Using the experience of the feng shui consultations I have performed, here are some interesting examples…

I was booked for a feng shui consultation at a company that had a big problem with conflict between the CEO and the Directors. The first thing I noticed when I walked into their office was a powerful painting hung behind the CEO’s desk. It was a Boxer holding up his fists wearing a pair of red boxing gloves.

My recommendation was for them to take the painting down because they were attracting fighting and conflict into their business!

There was a similar situation in a family home recently. The couple were having marriage problems and there hanging from the ceiling in their bedroom was a punch bag with gloves, again they were attracting fighting in their marriage.
A lady who had a history of failed relationships asked me for help. She told me that all she wanted was to meet ‘Mr Right’. The problem was found in her bathroom. There was a gorgeous painting of a romantic couple hanging on the bathroom wall and the letters spelling ‘L O V E’.

I explained that she really should remove these from this room as she was flushing her love and relationships down the toilet. She was shocked and couldn’t believe that she had missed this herself.

A couple asked me for help because their son was gambling too much. Hanging on his bedroom wall was an image of Las Vegas Casinos.

This was what he was attracting. I recommended they remove this from the room. Their son wasn’t happy but agreed when his parents promised to replace it with a picture of the sports car of his dreams.

I encourage you to walk around each room in your home/business with fresh eyes and you’ll be surprised what you see.

What these images symbolise to you, is the energy and vibration you are attracting into your life.

Use the following suggestions to help you as you go round:

• What images are hanging on your walls in your home/business?
• What are you attracting into your life/business?
• Create a vision board and put everything on this board that you want to attract into your life and business.
• How much money do you want to attract? Write out a cheque made payable to you for that amount and pin it to your vision board.
• Display certificates/ awards on your wall.
• Display positive words e.g. ‘ABUNDANCE’ or ’FOCUS’.
• Be careful with the placement of mirrors. What are you reflecting? What you reflect in the mirror, you’re doubling, so make sure it’s something good!
• What images are on the walls in the bathroom? Be careful, because whatever they are, you are flushing down the toilet. Pictures of flowers or landscapes are great in this room. Don’t hang company awards in here.

If you choose to move anything, keep an eye out for what you now begin to attract as a result of this. You may be pleasantly surprised.